Frequent Q&A for fanplus’Friends’ feature!
Q. What is the feature of ‘Friend’?

A. Users can make friends with other users in fanplus and

they can send and receive voting tickets.

Q. Do I send my voting tickets?

A. No, your voting tickets won’t change when you send to your friends.

Your voting tickets stay in your pocket and your friends get ‘extra’ voting tickets!

Q. Wow! then we get more extra voting tickets as we make friends?!

A. Yes, you will get more extra voting tickets as you send and receive voting tickets with friends.

But! for the purpose of interacting with ‘REAL’ friends,

you need phone number authentication to make more than three friends.

You can make up to 50 friends after the authentication.

So you know, don’t forget the authentication is good to be done!

Q. How can I make friends?

A. Press user profile photos in Board and send friend requests!

(Follow the below procedures!)

[Procedures of sending a friend request]

① Press Board on the right side menu of the lock screen and enter your bias board.

② Press users profile photos at posts and comments and send friend requests!

③ When friends accept your requests, you can send and receive voting tickets!

*How to make friends faster?*
How about writing a post about friend requests?

You can get many friend requests from others!

Q. Where can I find the friend requests that I sent and received?

A. You can find them in ‘Friend requests’ tap in ‘Friend’ menu

Q. I want to send Voting tickets to my friends/

A. You can send voting tickets to the friends on the friend list

 by pressing Send voting tickets’ on ‘My friends’ tap in ‘Friend’ menu’

[Rules for sending voting tickets to friends]

   1. You can send voting tickets to each friend three times daily.

   2. Once the tickets are sent, you can resend the tickets after 30 minutes.

   3. Friends receive 4 voting tickets each time.

Q. I want to collect voting tickets received from the friends.

A.  Press ‘Mailbox’ on the top of the lock screen and collect voting tickets sent from the friends!

[Rules for receiving voting tickets from the friends]

   1. The voting tickets sent from the friends disappear at midnight when you do not collect them.

   2. You get 4 voting tickets each time the friends sent to you.

   3. You can get up to 600 voting tickets available daily from the friends.

   4. The voting tickets received from friends expires after 90days from acquisitions.

Q. I want to delete friends.

A. You can delete friends by selecting friends you and

press delete button in ‘Delete friend’ in ‘Friend’ menu.