Q. What is Popcorn?

Popcorn is an unit of item from your audience’s cheers. If you get a cheer from your audience,

a popcorn will be accumulated as a reward. 

More features for “Popcorn” will be updated soon. Stay tuned!




Q. How to check my popcorn status?

Click Fanfic -> Click “books” emoticon at the upper right side to see My Page

-> Click “Popcorn” button -> See your Popcorn status.



Check your accumulated popcorn in total and accumulation history on Popcorn status!





#Tips for getting popcorn


1. Start writing fanfic episodes


After the audience finished reading your fanfic, they can click a button “Cheer for the writer”.

If you upload your work steadily, the possibility to get cheers will be getting higher.  



2. Promote your fanfic

Introduce your fanfic to other users on boards!

Promoting your fanfic with previews or new episode release will lead new audience to your work

and get cheers for more popcorn accumulation 🙂





* Popcorn is valide for 1year from the accumulation date

*1 Cheer from your audience = 1 Popcorn

*You will receive popcorn from the previous day’s total cheers at 11:00 (KST) in the next day

*More features for “Popcorn” will be updated soon. Stay tuned!